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From CA to NY to HEL.

Hello? Can you hear me? I am beneath the sun, curious but blind. Meet me here and let's see what we can create together. 

I was born in California and moved to upstate New York at an early age. I attended catholic school. There were few nuns but I did have a strict dress code. My principal was caught shoplifting and our priest was arrested. I played sports throughout my childhood from lacrosse, to football, to "football," to basketball. I grew up on a street where anything could happen, so it seemed. 

I began undergraduate as a sociology major but made the capricious move to photography. I like to photograph walls. I like to capture the essential. Geometric, abstract.  

I was a professional freelance pauper in New York City. The glitz and glam of fashion, consumerism. I grew tired and shot off to Scandinavia with my Finnish wife.​ We have a dog named Alaska. We named her after the drag queen. 

In Helsinki, I studied sustainable design at Aalto and design things now. There's not enough time to change enough of the world. Let's begin...


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