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By the early 2020's, major players in the animal agriculture industry began investing in lab grown meat, and a wave of venture capital funding buoyed startups to enter the scene...

In just a few years, lab grown meat became cost competitive with traditionally farmed animal meat and a friendly regulatory environment created clarity and efficiency in the approval process with government bodies. 

However, many animal rights activists held concerns that lab-grown meat still perpetuates the exploitation of animals, and may even entrench views of animals as food in the long term.

One radical food-tech startup entered the scene... 

Already in 2013, lab grown or cultured meat, was technologically possible. But production costs seemed insurmountable....

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at Humeat, we  believe that food should be ethical to the bone.

That's why we've created the wold's first commercially available lab grown meat from human flesh.

do you crave meat? take a bite out of yourself.

How it works:

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Come in to one  of our clinics or a participating pharmacy for a quick and easy biopsy, where we harvest the cells necessary to create humeat from your cells.

Be sure to bring a photo id so we can finish creating your humeat account. 

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wait 4-6 weeks for your humeat to grow and proliferate in our industrial scale production facilities. 


Once your Humeat arrives to your door, start cooking!

Even better, turn it into a social event and invite your friends over. 

What's for dinner they ask? You Are!

How is this ethical?

2. zero FARMING PRACTICEs, animal or otherwise
3. All cellular sourcing is 100% traceable & verifiable


Sign up for one of our subscription levels based on the amount of humeat you would like and how often you plan to eat it.

But don't worry, humeat stores perfectly well in the freezer.

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1 kg 

4 kg 
every 2

8 kg
every month

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